23rd January – 12th March every year

Meditation Hall The Hermitage
Emma Meditating
Food Table
Meditation with Sunrise


Please arrive at The Hermitage on the 23rd of January for an introduction meeting.

We ask that participants make a commitment to join the entire retreat and keep a vow of silence for the whole forty nine days. The retreat will involve a morning reading from a different master on Self Enquiry and a group meditation for two hours. The rest of the day will be for individual practice and participants can use the permaculture gardens, private beach and dock at the lake front, and various meditation platforms in trees and on the hillside for their practice.

Continuous retreat support is available through writing letters to the retreat guides if needed. Meals will be brought to each participant´s individual cabin so that they are not disturbed and may eat alone when ready. Each participant will receive a book containing the forty nine readings on Self Enquiry that have been selected from the teachings of various masters of this tradition.


6.30 – 7.30am – Meditation
8.00 – 9am – Self-Practice
9.00 am – Breakfast
10.00 – 12.30am – Self-Practice
12.30pm – Lunch
1.00 – 6.30pm – Self-Practice
6.30 – Dinner
7.00pm onwards – Self-Practice

Journaling in the lush garden
Three Men Meditating
Delicious Meal to eat
Lake Side View


The guides for this retreat will be the owners of The Hermitage – Emma and Severin Geser. Both Emma and Severin are experienced practitioners and meditation retreat teachers and have started The Hermitage to provide a place for practitioners to dive more deeply into their practice through solo, dark and group silent retreats all year round.


  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Reading about Self Enquiry
  • 24 hour retreat support (in silence)
  • Retreat Book containing all forty nine readings
  • Three delicious vegetarian meals per day
  • Accommodation in either the dormitory, private room or private cabin
  • Access to beautiful permaculture gardens, private beach and dock for practice


The cost for the retreat, including all meals, accommodation and teachings is as follows:

DORM (Four private beds, shared bathroom) $1750
PRIVATE ROOM (One bed, shared bathroom) $2000
TREE HOUSE & COTTAGE (Private house for one person, private bathroom) $2750
FOREST CABINE & CASA BLANCA ( Private house for one person, private bathroom) $2950

ready for a 49 day retreat?

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We respond to all emails personally so please expect up to 24hrs before receiving a reply .
We do not answer emails on Sundays. Thank you for your understanding.

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