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Let silence speak – here are some words of our past retreaters

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Our Solitary and Dark Retreaters share in their own words about their experience

What struck me about The Hermitage was the attention given to all aspects of being on a retreat and respecting ones space and inner silence.  The way in which Severin and Emma have purposefully created this retreat allows one to really delve into the depths of your being.  The food was delicious, carefully prepared to ensure retreaters enjoy a healthy, sattvic diet whilst on retreat. The views were amazing from my cabin and from just about anywhere on the property. It´s also beautiful how Emma and Severin take into consideration their impact on the earth and how they are passionate about supporting the local community and their Mayan workers.  I wanted to marinate in the Self and, as I am not part of any particular lineage, The Hermitage was open and able to support this. Infinite gratitude to this amazing place.
Tara Statue
Kaliya, Ireland
solitary and dark retreat
The length of the 49-day retreat helped me go deeper into meditation than I've ever gone before and for longer periods of time - its been a turning point for me. Emma and Severin are loving and supportive hosts and hold the meditation space wonderfully through their integrity to the silence and their own sense of presence. The natural beauty at the Hermitage is stunning and calming, and the birds bring it to life with their variety of songs. I am grateful that the Hermitage is

Sunrise Lake Atitlan
Chris, United States
49 day retreat
There is no better than the Hermitage to dive deep into solitude, surrounded by beautiful nature at Lake Atitlan. I found peace and stillness and so much more. I am forever grateful for this experience and can only recommend it. From the depth of my heart, thank you Emma and Severin for creating such a beautiful and special place.
Aruna Mar
Aruna, Switzerland
three month retreat
I enjoyed every day – this retreat had everything I needed to cultivate inner freedom, love and joy. Being able to reconnect with nature and my heart. I will miss this beautiful place, Emma and Severin, and all the sweet people I met here who changed my life.
Sabrina Brunner
Sabrina, Switzerland
ten day retreat
Going to the Hermitage was the best experience I have ever had. It was transformational and life changing The lake does have magical emotional healing powers Emma and Severin are amazingly loving people. So so grateful. Thank you.
Pamela Wilson
Pamela, Canada
21 day retreat
The all-vegetarian meals I had were simple and rich. Emma and Severin infuse their recipes with as much love as any cooks I've encountered and I was grateful to have my three nourishing bowls of food delivered to my house on time and steaming hot every day. In other words, would I do it again and would I recommend The Hermitage? Oh yes, in a simple, quiet heartbeat.
Debra Blake
Deborah, United States
solitary retreat
The Dark Retreat is a temple of praise to You, to the most sacred in You. I am deeply grateful for this timeless, limitless experience. I am proud to have set a goal, a personal challenge, and to have met it with confidence. The reward is a great feeling of being alive, and of belonging. Thanks to the ever humble Hermitage.
Radha Iveta
Radha, Bulgaria
dark retreat
The gratitude I felt in the Dark spilled over the morning I came back to the light. Never before have I seen such a magical sunrise, movement and colours in every direction! I will carry that magic and gratitude with me for the rest of my life and this week spend here at The Hermitage will forever be a treasure.
Jenna Browning
Jenna, United States
dark retreat

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