The Hermitage is a Silent Retreat Center set on the shores of Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala. It offers beautiful and simple cabins for practitioners looking to dive deeper into their own practice in a safe, quiet and natural environment.

All cabins have a beautiful view of the surrounding volcanoes and lake, and access to the gardens with a private dock for swimming. Also available is an immersion into darkness, in a purpose-built Dark Retreat Stone Home.

The Hermitage is an off-grid Retreat Center that supports and maintains permaculture gardens and sustainable living solutions.

Practitioners may choose a retreat of any length from a minimum of five days up to several months; and can structure their daily schedule according to their own interests and experience. The Hermitage recommends a commitment to silence for the length of stay, and welcomes all practices and traditions.

All Solo and Dark Retreats are supported with delicious and wholesome vegetarian meals each day, and access to an excellent home library of spiritual books. Also available are individual guided meditation or yoga classes and one-on-one retreat guidance. To further deepen the inner silence, The Hermitage is a wifi-free zone.

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Dive into 21 days of profound Self-Enquiry through Mediatation, Yoga and the sacred practice of Ayurveda.

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I am overwhelmed and full of gratitude for he beauty of being here. Thank you for providing and holding such a beautiful and sacred space.
David Coleman
What an amazing place. I can’t imagine a better spot to confront your deamons, to dive deep and to arrive home.
Sophie Weiser
I enjoyed every day and I everything I needed to cultivate inner freedom, love and joy. Being able to reconnect with nature and my heart. I will miss this beautiful place, Benzra and Röschti, the sweet people I met here and of course you two wonderful souls.
Sabrina Brunner